Posted by: burusi | 12/02/2010

გეგა კობახიძე – Gega Kobakhidze

გეგა კობახიძე – Gega Kobakhidze

გეგა კობახიძე – Gega Kobakhidze


  1. Hello,
    I work as a Photo Editor in Polish publishing house. We are going to publish a book about Georgia. Could you give me any advice who owns copyrights to Gega Kobakhidze photos, which are diplayed on this site? We would like to reproduce them in this book, but we don’t know what is the source of those photos.
    I would appreciate any help and advice,

    All best,
    Marta Broniarek

  2. I gained it in various magazines, as well as from facebook. Unfortunately I do not remember the author

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