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Kakhaber Jakeli – The story about how flower tree tried to kill me

კახაბერ ჯაყელი

The story about how flower tree tried to kill me


It is no joke. This story comes from my true memories. Several years ago, as an invited scholar I visited University of Hannover in Germany. Having met famous Professor I received some interesting suggestions about scientific topic I was studying and an office on 4th floor of Leibnitz University Hannover, in the “building of Economists”.

  • This is your office Mr. Jacklit, told me Frau Scram, assistant of my professor and continued – you have all you need for the research and communication.
  • Thanks dear Karin – answered me and started to study my room. Everything was great, new computers, for me and my colleague Mr. Jens, who was spending his holydays in Dominican shores that time.
  • If you have some questions I’m in my office, said Frau Scram.
  • Thanks Karin, actually I have no questions – I said back, but suddenly watched big flower tree behind me and stopped disappointedly.
  • What is this? – I asked Frau Scram, noted to flower tree.
  • Ohh Mr. Jacklit, this is famous flower tree, from Professor Edmund B…, this is his like a child, his best friend and may be colleague – smiled Karin gazing to flower tree.
  • What? Child? Friend? Colleague? – What’s fiction you just telling to me, I never believe that this flower can be child of Professor? Especially the colleague or creature. I will make it out of my office – told I angrily to Karin and she saying nothing back left the room of my further scientific activities.

After Karin had left the office, I started to look for place, outside my office to move flower tree there. Near Gentlemen Rest Room on 4th floor I found the window, near the window it was free boring wall, made me to decide that it could be best place for Edmund’s tree to “settle”.

Already in office I received an e-mail from Frau Scream, with such interesting narrative – “Please create a tropical look in your boring office with the pure amazing Garden Tree “Annuna” with Flowers, but not only. The tree has sharpest thorns, but not only… The shrub at the top of the trunk includes flowers surrounded by lush green leaves, but if tree becomes angry…It fights hard. You can always look forward to the brightly colored flowers and rich green tones of this “Annuna” tree in your home, without water or care. Only what is needed is respect…Amigo”

I’m running into Karin’s office:

  • What was this email from you? – I’m asking Karin, who is drinking Turkish “Kahve” and gazing me murmuring something with her nice lips and her long like a deer legs trembling according the tact of unknown Arabic music….
  • What you want? – She is glancing something in me.
  • What you wanted to say by e-mail? Do I have my rights assemble my office according my wish, don’t I? – I feel my face is red.
  • Yes, why not, but, this was what is left from Lab of Professor Edmund. I mean, the text was from his old electro mail I forwarded to you with some abridgements.
  • And what, you think I must, take into consideration all ideas of ex office holders.
  • No, but for security, I sent you this email. That’s all.
  • Where Professor Edmund disappeared, I wish to send him his flower tree, on my charge? – said I, wishing her not to say nothing.
  • I don’t know – ask police – murmured Karin
  • What was the topic of professor Edmund – my voice was like a man who was not ready for compromises.
  • “Pflanzenpsychology” – said Karin and I immediately drew my mind to some mysteries.


Next day was shining day. This is wonder in north Germany. I came into my office, with little hangover. After Pub, where I have spent midnight, everything was boring. I set in my armchair, switched my computer on, glanced newspapers on the right side of my desk and tried to place myself comfortably. So I pushed myself back, tried to sit like a man, but armchair was beaten from behind. What it is?

  • No…still is not enough space in my job place – said I and turned back to find who was guilty.

She was here, flower tree “Anunna”, and was gazing on me, trying to attract my heart to her. Oh old Egyptian, you never make me your slave, like you made unknown Edmund to be yours – thought I and stand up.

  • Why Egyptian? Maybe she is from Sumerian civilization? – Some file of my brain asked another file, but I was unstoppable.
  • So I will move you to your last place. You will not disturb me again. You go to exile. Your thorns never stop me – said I and slowly squeezed her embodiment, what was Potter Amphora.

“Annuna” was quiet, I like an athlete, prepared myself to throw it up and move to toilet. To do this I squeezed her like a tango dancer and pushed it up.



  • Karin, hello, call emergency, I’m blind, this terrible flower blinded me – cried I to Karin, who was drinking a coffee speaking with someone on cellular phone.
  • What happened? Softly asked Karin.
  • Call emergency please, I tried to carry it to toilet, but suddenly when I was closer to her thorns, this unpredictable creature, by invisible cannon of her thorns, thrown to my eyes some terrible liquid and…call emergency please.


  • Everything is well, don’t worry please, wash your eyes by this medicament and try to be optimistic – told me doctor, who’s red colored tie, were more perceptual than his words, because red was red, my right eye could see this really well.
  • But what to do with this flower? – asked I when doctor glanced my insurance papers and gifted me his smile.
  • Nothing, tree is tree, it needs the space too, be patient and tolerant – doctor’s judgment was final.


One year we were living side by side, I was systematically entering my office, working on my computer, feeling that she is behind me, watching me to glancing my activities with some skepticism and always ready defend herself.

I never tried to change her place. But I never tried to say something terrible in my room, feeling that she was listening carefully. I also understood that she is intellectual and sensible. Who was Professor Edmund and where he disappeared I did not ask to anybody.

She was also peaceful.  At the end when I prepared to leave Germany for Georgia, I gathered all my things, put them into small bag, gazed her and suddenly said:

  • Thanks!

She usually did not say something back, but her doubtful, skeptical gaze, followed me.


Kakhaber Jakeli

1/08/2016, Kennesaw, Georgia, Kennesaw State University

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